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Traditionally, literary journals charge a flat rate between $10 to $30 per issue. If you can’t pay, you don’t read. At Sequestrum, we don’t want money to ever determine who can access our material.

That’s why Sequestrum allows every reader to pay-what-they-can for access.

Why Support Sequestrum?

  • It keeps Sequestrum accessible for everyone. By sending (a few) dollars our way, you’re insuring Sequestrum remains accessible to those who otherwise couldn’t afford a subscription or an individual issue. That means everyone can enjoy high-quality, sustainable literature without regard to individual economic standing.
  • Sequestrum is truly an independent publisher. No corporation, university, foundation, or any other outside organization has say in what we do. That makes our sole commitment at Sequestrum finding and publishing the best writing possible.
  • We support our contributors. From day one, we’ve paid our writers and poets for their work. That’s a fairly rare thing in small, open-access journals today (especially for those not bankrolled by other organizations).
  • Supporters submit for free. All supporters can make free general submissions for the lifetime of their membership. Details and links at the bottom of our Submittable page.
  • You can unsubscribe anytime. Our subscription-based system allows you to cancel your membership if you’re ever unsatisfied. We hope you’ll hold us to high to standards.
  • Funding allows us to grow. Advertising, offering contests, paying contributors, finding and securing visual arts all costs money. The more support we have, the more we can do. If you like Sequestrum, help it grow. Simple.
  • It keeps us from an NPR-pledge-drive circle of hell. Subscription support keeps the content coming without interrupting your reading every ten minutes to say Joyce from Scottsdale renewed her membership. (That’s our scare tactic.)
  • You’re supporting great literature. In our short history, we’ve already published the likes of Eric Pankey, R.T. Smith, Brian Doyle, Rebecca Cook, Devin Murphy, Adam Mcomber, KA Webb, Judy Kronenfeld, Sandra Kohler, Charles Rafferty, and Ken Fifer. In case you didn’t know, that list includes Pulitzer Prize nominees, Guggenheim Fellows, featured writers of the Best American series, editors of major periodicals, NEA Fellows, and award-winning novelists and poets. Better yet, that list doesn’t include all the students, retirees, department chairs, ex-topless cocktail waitresses, psychoanalysts, educators and other new voices which also make up our virtual pages. We’re a home for the new and old, the celebrated and the unknown because ultimately, all we’re interested in is finding perfect combinations of words. If that’s something you believe in, support us.