2015 New Writer Award Results

Our sincere thanks to everyone who submitted to our 2015 New Writer Awards. The number of quality submissions was incredible, and we’re so very proud to present the results.

2015 Fiction & Nonfiction Winner
“Put Back Together Again” by A.A. Balaskovits

2015 Poetry Winner
“Origin Story,” “Quantom Physics On The Radio,” and “Three Ways of Thinking About Love” by Kate Lucas

2015 Fiction & Nonfiction Runners-Up
“Forget Me Not” by Daniel Schifrin
“No Such Thing As Down” by Bernard Grant

2015 Poetry Runners-Up
“Mythos (Deployment)” and “Footfalls” and by Aaron Grahm
“When it Last Snowed” and “Vespers” by Katherine Durham Oldmixon

Fiction & Nonfiction Finalists
“Museum of Endangered Sounds” by Caitlin McGill
“Curtains” by Hilda Lee
“Houston, Houston, Did We Ever Read?” by David Newman
“The Leg in Question” by K. W. Oxnard
“Greedy Prayer” by R. Dale Smith
“Aloha” by Shiv Dutta

Poetry Finalists
“Aspects of Venus” by Mallory Imler Powell
“Uniform of Husbands: White T-Shirt” by Jenn Strife
“Babel” by Jessica Lieberman
“Mother Tongue” by Sara Burnett
“For My Scratched Copy of The Last Starfighter” by Michael Rather
“Paris; Meretrix: A Glossary” by Elizabeth Iannaci
“Veni Vidi Vici” by Lee Chilcote