R.M. Cooper
Fiction, Nonfiction & Managing Editor

Curious about the founding principles of Sequestrum?

The answer is all over the site. Read what Cooper wrote About Us, or our Subscribe and Submission pages. Better yet, pick most any story or poem we’ve published. You’ll get an idea what drives us.
For more on Cooper and his writing, visit his page in the directory of Poets&Writers.

A few words on prose from the editor:

Larry L. King gave the best advice there is: “Write. Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.”

There are two traits common to every story I love. One: Language that’s evocative. Two: Tension that is consistent and willing to take risks. Craft jargon aside (no journal today can go a paragraph without getting an eclectic in there), just as man’s heart resides in his stomach, all written-loves dwell in that gastrointestinal pit known as honesty.

Hoot Uhl
Poetry Editor

A few words on poetry from the editor:

“Until quite deep inside of me,
While reaching for uncertainty,
The truest form emerged.”
-Rilke, trans. Annemarie Kidder

I believe poetry lives in the body and must be read aloud. So it must sing. But without coherence, the notes only make a racket – narrative keeps the poem sharp. Whether that narrative is composed of action, events, emotion, intuition, or subtler elements makes no matter. Lastly, it must have heart. This is the only true mandate.

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