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Sequestrum‘s mission is to be an affordable, sustainable home to quality literature. Rather than charge a set sticker price per issue, we offer a unique, pay-what-you-can subscription format.

We only ask that you’re honest in selecting your subscription level. Whether someone makes nine figures or nine dollars an hour, we keep our rates reasonable so that everyone can enjoy outstanding, sustainable literature.

Subscriptions Details:

New publications of groundbreaking fiction, nonfiction, and poetry on a rolling basis. Subscribers have access our complete digital archive and can make free general submissions. Subscribers may have one submission pending at any time. Response time is generally 2 months with an outside wait of six. Subscribers may withdraw and make new submissions at any time. Subscriptions reoccur at the rate and time frame selected at checkout. Sequestrum is a pay-what-you can journal; all subscriptions come with equal digital access. Cancel anytime and continue access through your current subscription term (not prorated). Current subscribers can log in securely Here.

Subscription Options

Monthly subscriptions are a great option for those new to Sequestrum on a budget.
Gain access to complete archives. New publications are on a rolling basis.


Equal to $2/month, this quarterly subscription is our most affordable option.
It's an entire season of publications for about the cost of a sandwich.

(Our Lowest Rate)

Gertrude Stein famously said, “You can either buy clothes or buy [art].”
Here, subscribers receive 3 months of publications for just $10.
Know what else costs $10? A pack of discount-bin socks. The itchy kind.
(Foot ointment not included.)


By subscribing at a rate of $20 every three months, you're helping ensure Sequestrum
will continue to grow as a home for award-winning writers and wonderful new talents.
Thank you.


$40 dollars a quarter means so many things. It means we can advertise our
award-winning writers, offer more submission calls, and do more to actively promote and
enhance our literary community. Our sincerest thanks.


Considering contributing to Sequestrum? Subscribers can make free general submissions for the lifetime of their subscription. More details in our Submission Guidelines and Submittable pages.

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