2016 New Writer Awards Results

Our sincere thanks to everyone who submitted to our 2016 New Writer Awards. The number of quality submissions was incredible, and we’re so very proud to present the results.

2016 Fiction & Nonfiction Winner
“The Plan” by Ronit Feinglass Plank

2016 Poetry Winner
“Uncles,” “Symmetry of Gosseddes,” and “re all” by Raj Chakrapani

2016 Fiction & Nonfiction Runners-Up
“Trespassers” by Nora Bonner
“Kicking Tires and Other Sorrows” by Rochelle Distelheim

2016 Poetry Runners-Up
“Brush Fire,”“Decommissioned County Road,” and “Watching the Glassmakers” by Daniel Lassell
“Talking to The Sky” and “Deep Indigo” by Roberta Senechal de la Roche

Fiction & Nonfiction Finalists
“How to Choose” by Heather Bartlett
“The Man Who Saved Baseball” by Michael Tuohy
“Guidance & Control” by Anne Ray
“It’s Misting Over the Delta” by Cheryl Smart
“The Laws of Dying” by Jacqueline Holland
“Riverbound” by Robert McGuill

Poetry Finalists
“Baggage Claim” by Lauren Hersch
“From the Desk of Mistuh Edward K. Lister III” by Jordan Rokosz
“Ritual” by Cameron McGill
“Poem to the Congolese Horizon” by Jennifer Manthey