2017 New Writer Awards Results

Our sincere thanks to everyone who submitted to our 2017 New Writer Awards. The number of quality submissions was incredible, and we’re so very proud to present the results.

2017 Fiction & Nonfiction Winner
“The Faultless Sky” by Kathryn Henion

2017 Poetry Winner
“Bubbly,” “Cake,” and “Chew” by Amanda Chiado

2017 Fiction & Nonfiction Runners-Up
“The Brightmore Problem” by Bruce Johnson
Rites” by Rachel Ann Brickner

2017 Poetry Runners-Up
“California Gray,”“Eavesdrop,” and “Mulberry” by Cynthia White
“Everybody Ought to Love ” and “Dungeons and Dragons” by Alexander Payne Morgan

Fiction & Nonfiction Finalists
“Sinatra” by Luke Tennis
“Sisters” by Landon Houle
“Dreamland” by Emily Nagin
“Here, There Be Dragons” by Jillian Merrifield
“Wild Mammals of the Western Hemisphere” by Matthew Disler
“Poses and Cycles” by Sean Cleary

Poetry Finalists
“If Scars Left Tears” by Thomas Young
“Trailing Her Die” by David Miller
“Negative” by Tess Wilson