2019 Editor’s Reprint Award Results

2019 Poetry Winner
“Nearing the After” by Jed Myers, Natural Bridge

2019 Fiction & Nonfiction Winners
“The Closer You Were, the Less You Knew” by Annie Dowid, Glimmer Train

2019 Poetry Runners-Up
“Tick More Slowly” by Meg Freer, Science Fiction Poetry Association
“Here and There” by Judy Brackett Crowe, The Lake

2019 Fiction & Nonfiction Runners-Up
“The Bigamist’s Accomplice” by Jacob Appel, Greensboro Review
“Sparrow” by Yilin Wang, Clarkesworld Magazine

Poetry Finalists
“Flesh Memory” by Caroline Crew, Colorado Review
“Spock Prays…” by E. L. Reeman, Freezeray Journal
“Chorus and Anti-Chorus” by S. C. Black, The New Yorker
“Blue Heart Baby” by Joy Priest, Blunderbuss
“making night” by Matthew Harrison, Exit 7
“The Orb Weaver” by Robert Keeler, Prelude Magazine
“Hunting Poy Sippi Swamp” by Andrew McSorley The Minnesota Review

Fiction & Nonfiction Finalists
“Across the River” by William Orem, Alaska Quarterly Review
“Tuesdays at the Mermaid Hair Salon” by Cameron Walker, New South
“The Escalation of Love” by Lisa Solod, The New York Times
“The Seance” by Cathy Rose, Steel Toe Review
“A Boyhood Brush with Breast Cancer” by Kevin Wood, The Good Men Project
“A Brief Description of Mister Kuka” by Santian Vataj, Tin House
“The Perfect Predator” by Delaney Green, Barstow & Grand
“Still Life with Guns” by Julie Marie Wade, Fourth Genre
“Across the River” by William Orem, Alaska Quarterly Review (REMOVED – check above)