2019 New Writer Awards Results

Our sincere thanks to everyone who submitted to our 2019 New Writer Awards. The number of quality submissions was incredible, and we’re so very proud to present the contest results.

2019 Fiction & Nonfiction Winner
“Visitation” by Brendan Stephens

2019 Poetry Winner
“The Lone Lands” and “Cradle Song” by Tegan Blackwood

2019 Fiction & Nonfiction Runners-Up
“As Deer Search for Grass” by Cassandra Martinez

2019 Poetry Runners-Up
“(Sonnet Variation),” “Ephemera,” and “So priketh hem Nature in hir corages” by Aaron Novick

Fiction & Nonfiction Finalists
“Stories of Yonec’s Mother” by Gania Barlow
“Blisters” by Patrick St. Amand
“Restitution” by Christina Huizar
“If You Don’t Weaken” by Jason Harris
“Kings in Exile” by Robert McGuill

Poetry Finalists
“A Very Short Trip to a Very Dark Place” by James McKee
“Ark” by Cathie Sandstrom