Poetry: Funny Story and Sad Story

Webb 4

Funny Story

Funny sometimes
the things you remember—
like strangers
in foreign cities
waving goodbye
from narrow balconies
on the sea.
Funnier still
the things you don’t—
like your mother
singing a goodnight lullaby
as if everything
before you were born
was evaporating.




Sad Story


Met J.

Swam lake
Shucked rocks […]

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KA Webb teaches at UAB and edits for an atl-weekly in Birmingham, Ala. where she was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for an investigative series on the Girl Scouts and trends in closing camps. Webb holds an MFA from UNCW, and in addition to several Southern news outlets, her work has appeared or is forthcoming in North American Review, Arts & Letters, Jabberwock Review, Quarter After Eight, So to Speak, and others.