Kimiko Yoshida Artwork

“The Shinto Bride.” Self-portrait.
“Man in a Golden Helmet by Rembrandt.” Self-portrait

Kimiko Yoshida’s quasi-monochrome self-portraits – large, square, subtly lit monochromic photographs – constitute her signature works since 2001. The conceptual protocol behind her self-portraits is invariable: always the same minimalist etiquette, same setting, same subject, same lighting, same framing. Thus, the same face is repeatedly portrayed but is never identical to itself. The more the figure is repeated, the more different it becomes. No digital editing, no Photoshop manipulations: make-up only and direct shooting.

From Yoshida: “My work opens on the essential question of identifications: ‘How many am I?’ Remember John Lennon (I Am the Walrus): ‘I am he as you are he as you are me…’ All that’s not me, that’s what interests me.”

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