Poetry by Linda Baldanzi

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Never Spoken Tryst

Sneaky-quiet age withers
In the morning mirror.

Eager to embrace indifference,
Instead I feel the intensity of a cry
For kisses born in the hard place
Between reality and decisions.

Colored glass flowers in bedroom vitrines.
Moon light rain trails on windows.

Our furtive crossings—
Long ago discontinued.
I recently read that he had died.

Words still dressed
In their robes of silence
Floated before me to say goodbye.

I would like to talk about
Our eight-year tryst,
But no one is left whom we knew
To finally admit it to.

Last night, alone in bed
For the first time
I spoke the words aloud.




 Careful Woman

Nasty echoes jump from civilization to civilization.
Opened-eyed nights struggle to get beyond dawns. […]

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Linda Baldanzi earned an MFA in Poetry and Poetry in Translation from Drew University, Master in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University, Master in Psychology from Fairleigh University, and a BA from Mount Holyoke College. She teaches poetry at the Fort Lee Public Library and has been published in Barrow Street, Thin Noon, Redivider, and others.

Read More: A brief interview with Linda Baldanzi