Poetry by Mary Silwance

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Cool Water

It is dusk
I sit on the porch and
wait for fireflies.
Arms glow in the taillights of the sun,
my body salty with the day’s work.

All day I have carried the thought of you
like a mouthful of cool water
I do not drink.

When it is fully night
and the fireflies are spent,
I will leave the porch, go inside
and wash the grime from my body.

Then I will make love to myself
tenderly              slowly
as though it were you.




Monkey Mind

Slapped Sanuk flips up
three flights worn wooden steps,
lavender mat tucked under arm
its shredded tire smell faint
under nag champa fog.
Denied the wedgy in my
Lululemon pants because
Align is their $90 name.

Prayer hands to heart,
do I look serene?
I strain to look arrived.
But I crave French fries
And fear vaginal farts.

Other yogis balance on manicured pinkies, […]

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In a former life Mary Silwance was an English teacher. Now, she is an environmental educator, activist and blogger (tonicwild.blogspot.com). Mary has always written poetry and is just now venturing out of the closet as a poet. Silwance have been published in the Syracuse Cultural Workers Women’s Datebook, Konza Journal and Descansos.

Read More: A brief interview with Mary Silwance