Themed Submissions: Magical Realism

Current Theme: Magical Realism

Call it slipstream. Call it magical realism. Throw around words like cross-genre, urban/high/low fantasy, hard/soft sci-fi, experimental, absurdist, fabulist, weird, surreal, or a regular fairy tale. With so many labels for the same idea, call it whatever you like. We want literary-quality writing with a healthy serving of imagination. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, or some combination thereof. Make the familiar strange and the strange familiar. Muddy the line between the everyday and the fantastic. We want to lose track of where our world ends and the next begins. Wow us. Thrill us. We’re ready to believe.

When ready to submit, please use our online submission system.

What We Publish:

Fiction: Submissions should generally not exceed twelve thousand* (12,000) words.

Creative Nonfiction: Submissions should generally not exceed twelve thousand* (12,000) words. All genres of nonfiction (articles, reviews, memoirs, personal essay, cross-genre, etc.) are acceptable, though we rarely publish scholarly essays or literary criticism.

Poetry: We like our poetry short. Submissions should be no more than thirty-five* (35) lines. Maximum four (4) poems per submission.

*Length guidelines are just that: guidelines. Pieces exceeding these limits will be considered but generally have a harder time being published. If your work is outstanding, we’ll make room for it.

A Note on Themed Submissions:

Themed submissions are considered alongside our general submission pool. Themed submissions are not contests resulting in a predetermined minimum or maximum number of publications (we hate turning good writing away for the sake of contest rules). Any piece which is a good fit will be published in Sequestrum and is subject to standard rights and payment as outlined on our submission guidelines. Selected pieces are not published as a batch or part of a “themed” issue but are instead proudly displayed right alongside every other Sequestrum publication. We implement deadlines to transition between calls, with roughly four themes per year. Multiple and simultaneous submissions allowed. Our standard reading fee and free subscriber submission rules apply.

We’re trying to keep things simple. Themed submissions are a call for the sort of writing we’re hungry to read. As our tastes change, so will our themes. We’re hoping to be surprised. We’re hoping to find exactly the stories and poems we’re looking for. We’re hoping to fall in love with writing we never realized we needed.

Send away. We’re eager to read your best.

submittable-submit-buttonNot the theme you were hoping for? No problem. We accept unthemed submissions following our general submission guidelines.