Two Poems by Darcy Smith

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All 8,294,400 Pixels Point in the Same Direction

I want a divorce from dusk I want an annulment from this ache I want to but you don’t want
to fall awake  I want star-blazed arms  I want pinpricks in the evening ceiling   I want Orion
to pierce my tongue   I want to feel the glint of morning in my fingers   I want a promise but
you can’t stop telling me there are no guarantees I want a fool proof warranty but you won’t
I want my money back I want to burn every cushion on our couch I want to kill the tv I can’t
you won’t I want fire toasted eyes for breakfast I want blood moon bacon on the side I want
bottled daylight I want it straight up I want to pour another  I want to break your purple lava
lamp and let all the lavender ooze  between my  toes  screaming  IT’S   NOT  A    DREAM
I want the sun volume on full blast, but I know you won’t like it when the ceiling fan starts to
wobble laugh  I want to lick storm clouds and  leave only light I want to learn the cha-cha
barefoot in fresh cut grass
open all the windows
throw out the remote



Sea of Origami Birds

Our arms, our hips, our stolen sighs with no care
for art or food. Promises slip from a silk duvet we tear
through days, spill into the sky unstained […]

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Darcy Smith works as a sign language interpreter. Her poems have appeared in Boyne Berries, Up The River, Chronogram, MER, GTK, Sadie Girl Press, Universal Table, Arsenic Lobster, Between the Lines, RAR, The Poetry Distillery, and ArtAscent. Darcy is a Buddhist and a kickboxer. Her current obsession is executing a six punch three kick combination with perfect form.

Read More: A brief interview with Darcy Smith