Poetry: Love Letter to Alan Turing


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Love Letter to Alan Turing

computers taste like
cyanide dipped in
side of apples, cores
of labyrinths with
out walls, complex
ity made more complex
when it becomes dis

each part of the
code cracked cracks
the perfect see-
through glass that gives
the unknowable its

they cracked the
code of what you
were and took only
the parts that fit
within their own weak
motherboards, tearing you up
down in
side and out
side top bottom be
side back in front of be
hind swirling chaos losing
you in a series of zeroes
and ones

‘til they reprogrammed
your love into
nothing but

a mere blueprint for some machine—

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Eric Cline is a poet currently residing in Dumfries, Virginia. He is a staff writer for Yellow Chair Review and he received his bachelor’s degree in psychology and creative writing from Longwood University. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in The Commonline Journal, After the Pause, Bop Dead City, Eunoia ReviewCrab Fat Magazine, and elsewhere.