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Submissions Open for Fall-Winter Issue and 2015 Editor’s Reprint AwardSummer Cover - Final

In addition to regular submissions, we are currently accepting prose submissions for our first Editor’s Reprint  Award. One winner will receive $200 and publication in the Spring ’15 Issue, and one runner-up will also receive publication and payment at our usual rates. Details here.

Our Summer ’14 issue is now complete and (as always) available free of charge. Contributors include award-winning novelists, acclaimed poets, fellow journal editors, instructors, students, stunning visual artists, and many, many more. Best of all, the writing is all fantastic. Read all their hard work here.


Founded by graduates of Iowa State University and the prestigious University of Iowa, Sequestrum has faithfully published award-winning writers and new voices for our international, 1,000+ monthly readership since its advent. Our guiding principle isn’t tethered to a single aesthetic or type of writer or even to a production calendar: Our sole obligation is to quality writing, to walking our editorial divining rod across the literary landscape and routing-out the aquifers and the fresh springs and the ice fields and signaling to the world, Here: Dig.

If you’ve got something you’d like to contribute, browse our Archives and check out our Submission Guidelines. Curious about what a “sequestrum” is or our publication philosophy? Read About Us. Like what you read? Consider Subscribing to catch any future goings-ons. We’re proud of the little plot of literary landscape we occupy and the writers and artists we share it with.

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