Editor’s Reprint Award: Poetry

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submit here: https://www.sequestrum.org/submissions.

Every issue of Sequestrum features the best creative writing of today. And once a year, our Editor’s Reprint Award features the best creative writing of yesterday.

The way we see it, the start of every publication cycle sends scores of outstanding writing from yesteryear to the literary wayside. (Not everyone so thoughtfully offers up their complete archives at pay-what-you-can rates.) An ever-expanding swamp of forgotten literature is the nature of the beast we call publishing, but it’s an imbalance we aim to help correct. Past finalists came from name-brand publications and journals long defunct and upstart gems on the rise. And that’s the way we like it. The Editor’s Reprint Award features the best writing we can get our hands on. We don’t know what corner of the literary world it’ll come from until we read it.

Editor’s Reprint Award Details:

  • $400 and publication in Sequestrum will be awarded to one previously published piece of poetry.
  • A minimum of one runner-up will receive $50 and publication.
  • Finalists listed on the site.
  • Doors close Monday, Dec. 9th, dependent on submission volume.
    • As always, our first obligation is to giving every submission the time and consideration it deserves, and we reserve the right to close doors early in order to do so.
    • The short and long: Get your work polished and submitted and don’t dawdle about it.
  • Reading fee is $15.
  • Winners announced in August. Publication a future issue of Sequestrum.
  • Regarding the original publication of a piece, there is no time frame or format (electronic or print) limitations, so long as it meets the copyright agreement with the original publisher. Many journals hold exclusive rights for between 3-6 months. Some are longer. We will be checking eligibility of finalists with original editors.

Submission Guidelines:

  • We will only consider submissions through our online submission manager.
  • Length and subject are open. Read our Archives and About Us if you’re new here.
  • Up to three poems per submission. 50 lines per poem.
    • Our line limit is more an aesthetic taste and less a hard guideline. We rarely publish pieces longer but will consider longer lengths.
    • You may submit poetry featured with multiple publishers.
    • Include the name and email address of the original publisher(s) in your cover letter so we can confirm eligibility should your submission be a finalist.
  • Multiple submissions allowed.
  • Include a brief bio in your cover letter to be used as a contributor bio in the event of publication.
  • We prefer our writing concise, imaginary, evocative, original and genre-bending with a literary bent. For an idea of what we’re after, visit our archives.
  • Do not include any identifying information on your manuscript, including your name or the original publisher. This information should be in your cover letter.

Happy submitting and best of luck.


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